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      The main difference between buying degree from a college and from a university is that a college just offers an array of degrees in one particular area. Universities on the other hand is a collection a colleges. When you attend to a university you will graduate from one of their colleges. For instance, business college, fine arts colleges or engineering college. Single colleges tend to be smaller while universities are bigger and better known. In US, there is very little difference between a college and a university and so is buying degree from them. In some other country in UK, a college usually concentrate a few different majors.

      According to the confidential and private agreement with the university, we cannot disclose the name of the university or college to you or to other people buying degree from us. But, we ensure that all the degrees are legal, authentic, accredited and verifiable. We do this to protect the privacy of all people buying degree from us. This keeps the potential employers to check the school information through our website or our partner universities. We are also doing this to avoid the possibilities of having negative publicity directed towards our university linkages or the clients. Not one of our schools belong to the diploma mills list or have negative news on internet. We are 100% confident and sure that our service is extremely secured.

      People buying degree from us have this as a primary concern. Yes, they are 100% legally accredited. They are either accredited by regional accredited agencies or international accredited agencies.

      Yes, of course. All the university linkages have an online presence. It can range from an Alumni Association to Online Study Portal. In buying degree, you can request online or distance learning degree when you placed the order.

      Not necessarily. Only USA colleges or universities can use a dot edu domains. Other than USA, universities cannot use dot edu domains. For example, Canadian college or universities used dot ca (.ca) domain and UK colleges and universities used dot co.uk domain (co.uk).

      We had been in business since 1990 and we turn in online business since 2000. Thousands of customers had been buying  degree through us. If we area  scam, we will not able to provide transcripts, student records, reference letter, appreciation letter, acceptance letter and graduation letters. In addition, we can also offer lawyer certification and notarization (no lawyer will be that dumb if the paper is diploma mill) to clients buying degree. If you want, we can also provide graduation gown and hood for your graduation from our list of universities. We can also provide several public universities degree for you (extra fees may apply). In buying degree, please check out if other providers can do this.

      No. In buying degree, the choice of university is made by our education consultant based on your experience and information, it will also based on your chosen degree and major. If you really want to pursue buying degree from a reputable university, we suggest you to email us and ask for public universities degree. However, the price is different and slightly expensive.

      No. A number of universities function and set up legally by the use of jurisdictions (this is done for your benefit.) We offer our services to international customers buying degree without preference or favor to any particular country. We guarantee that all universities we represent are legally formed and operating tertiary level institution in ENGLISH SPEAKING (developed) countries, for example, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, UK, Ireland,etc. English is the main medium of instruction for our partner universities.  In addition, we will not that stupid to pick an Egyptian university to you if you are in Israel or we pick an Iran universities if you are in US. Most of our universities are coming from Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Switzerland, France….etc.

      We had partnered with universities and colleges all over the world. We have private and public universities in our list. Based on the confidential reasons, we cannot release the information here. However, no matter public or private universities, all universities we represent on client buying degree are legal, accredited, verifiable and recognized internationally.

      Yes. All clients buying degree have this responsibility. The act of making payment is a declaration that you have read and agreed bounded by the Terms and Conditions and that the person named on the diploma has sufficient life or work experience or prior study to justify the award. When buying degree, we can make an application to the university on your behalf in a way we know you will be accepted to the university or specific degree program.
You also agreed to the legally binding confidential contract which prevents you or any one else direct or indirect disclosing the connection between the awarding university and our website. This is designed to protect the interest of all parties.

      Yes. We offer this to all clients buying degree from us. After you had made your payment, we will send you a mini-brochure with all the school details.  This will include email, fax number and postal address. Please note that postal mail take time and the universities cannot immediately respond to your enquiry, hence we encourage you to contact the school either by fax or email.

      Yes this is possible, This is called “Retro-Active Graduation” this form of back-dating is difficult to arrange. It must be 18 years old for the person named on the degree. Under Retro-Active Graduation a degree can be dated any month from 1940 to the present day. If you require Retro-Active Gradation you simply select the month and year required from the drop down menu when you order.
Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES a degree be dated in the future. This is illegal. 
Most universities have two graduation convocation within a year. First one will be usually held in Mid-July and the other one usually held in Mid-November. If you are buying degree and want to request particular date of your graduation, you should consider these two months.

      Not necessarily. All the universities and colleges we represent are legally formed and operating private academic institute. They provide non-traditional, distance programs and correspondence degree programs to clients buying degree. In some case, they will using outsourced campus facilities when required. For example, summer schools, short residential programs, executive MBA program, and student exchange programs. Distance programs by definition mean that physical attendance at the institution is not required. However, all the universities we partner with have their own Administration Centers for administration such as degree verification service. We guarantee this to clients buying degree from us. None of the institute we represent advertise directly to the public nor their connection with our website.


      There are factors to consider while buying degree. This is due to upcoming fake schools which offer these degrees. Their adverts are so tempting and can ensnare one to dig his own grave. One needs advice while buying degree,and make sure that he’s buying degree only on accredited schools that  are acceptable in both private and public sectors. To avoid throwing one’s money saved for a long time in buying degree in one of the scams online, think twice, go through these four main reasons as to why you should not just buy a degree.


      Think of this saying “being too good to be true”, sometimes buying degree online gives good offers that one feels so tempted to get one. But before that, pause for a minute and think. If buying degree were too easy then why and who would struggle to go through education in a university for six or four years to have one? We advise buying degree from accredited school to avoid getting into troubles later in life.

      • It sounds so easy than it is, buying degree seems to come easy but it does not. At some point I agree it’s easier than the normal way most of us are used to of going to university or college where one attends lectures physically which is stressful and difficult. However buying degree involves work too, there is work that one is required to do before the degree is awarded. If one promises you a degree without doing any work and without attending lectures, then automatically this qualifies to be an online degree scam
      • Fake might be easy and cheap and one can secure employment with the fake degrees but somehow someone can dig into its credibility and if discovered to be fake can land you in to great deal of trouble. If this happens, then isn’t it better to go through the stress and the hassle of going through the credible way of buying degree in accredited universities online and colleges. It’s extremely easy and convenient even for people who are working or too busy. It gives one confidence in an interview as compared to the fake ones.
      • Taking what you know it does not belong to you is too stressing, knowing that you are job searching with a degree in a field that you don’t know and bragging about it may ruin your life. It’s good to do what is right always for the good of us and for others too.