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      Before we can get into discussing the cost of getting a degree, it is good to understand first that most people associate instant degrees with going online and paying some money to get a degree. However, it should be noted that there is no such thing as instant degrees! What they should be looking for are online degrees, which are not awarded based on finances but rather credits, coursework and more.


      As much as the idea of instant degrees is quiet appealing and can be welcomed by many, it is a ploy created to scam people off their hard-earned money. If you find yourself being offered a degree and the only requirement you are asked for is money then know you have one leg already placed in the scam grave.

      No matter what you have heard before, this is the only thing you will need to know. Instant degrees can be in two. The online scam which you waste your money or an online degree, which you will have to put in little work before you are awarded and can be considered more or less instant since it takes a shorter time than the traditional on campus degrees.

      Get Away From Scam Instant Degrees

      • Many people want to find out the real cost of getting these degrees to decide if it is a good choice for them. The cost of getting the scam instant degrees include your hard earned money, your job, your pension, your severance pay, your references and even your reputation as well as getting black listed for future jobs.
      • On the other hand is the cost of getting online degrees, which are lesser instant than the online scams but more instant than traditional on campus degree. Is the actual cost of getting an online degree more affordable that getting the degree through the traditional on campus programs?
      • To determine the full cost of an online degree first you will need to find out the charge that the institution has placed on each credit. This varies from one institution to another. Most institutions will charge around $300 to $600 per credit for a bachelor’s degree bringing the full course to about $36,000 to $72,000; however, this can be higher or lower in some cases.
      • Most traditional programs charge a minimum of $1,000 translating to $120,000. Masters and postgraduate programs will cost much higher than bachelors will with a credit costing $500 to $750 compared to the traditional programs, which cost $1,500.

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