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      looking for jobs

      Looking for jobs?

      If I were to ask how many people hate writing a resume am sure everyone looking for jobs would say they do. No one likes to write a resume, only professional resume writers do and only because it is their job. And we are all aware that it is important when looking for jobs. We all hate having to justify why you should be given the job using a 2 page document or so. Then again there is so much advice out there on how to write a good resume when looking for jobs that you do not know which to follow.

      If you are walking in these shoes then relax, there is a way you can land that dream job without having to write a resume in your life. Interested? Or are you already aware of them and are now looking for jobs in these industries? The system has made everyone to believe that the resume is the only way that you can get word out there about yourself and get a job. Yes the system, you, the recruiters, the agencies and all those in the chain of helping people when they are looking for jobs.

      For those who are thinking, yeah right but I got a job using a resume, well then good for you! But for the rest who are still looking for jobs and have sent hundreds of resumes and heard nothing back, they need an alternative way. It is not only a good alternative for those who hate writing resumes but those who are looking to place themselves above the rest and get themselves noticed.

      So let’s get down to it, how do you get a job without a resume? How do you demonstrate to the employers that you have the skills, initiative, courage and you are extraordinary than the others looking for jobs?

      Alternative techniques in looking for jobs

      For those in corporate training and are looking for jobs, instead of using a resume you could do the following.

      • Create an online course and put it in a website then create business cards with your contacts and distribute them.
      • Offer free workshops to different companies, friends and neighbors in-person or through webinars or teleconferences on a topic you are passionate about.
      • When looking for jobs, you can write a short eBook about 30 pages addressing problems faced or opportunities available for the people you want to work with.

      For people in the IT industry looking for jobs they could;

      • Create a software and distribute with your contacts such as a game, productivity tool and more.
      • Participate actively in different associations in their industry.
      • Be an It support for family and friends living around you
      • Create websites for small businesses for free or non-profit making companies.

      This are just ideas on these two industries where there are significant number of people looking for job. but no matter what area you are in, there are different things you can do to put yourself out there and show your capabilities to prospective employers and head hunters. Be creative and generous with your time and talent and for sure employers will start coming for you.

      Looking for jobs certainly takes up too much from us. But instead of fretting and muttering, why not try to become creative and ace other competitors?