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      starting new job

      Starting new job- a career challenge!

      The way towards starting new job was daunting, but when you get it, it becomes rewarding.

      Before starting new job, I am pretty sure you were drained with the all the job search, application and interview. That is why, in starting new job, you need to give it your all to make sure that all your efforts were rewarded.

      What you were never told about starting new job

      Congratulations on starting new job, you have managed to hack through the job searching process and secure yourself a job! However, before you think of relaxing and feeling comfortable in your new position, remember that in starting new job, you will need to build yourself a great reputation. Relax if you passed the interview, this is going to be easy and will guarantee you a smoother ride in your new job.

      Tips in starting new job

      Now that you are already starting new job, it’s time to show off to people that you deserve the post. Starting new job requires some good effort and camaraderie.

      1. Know the key people

      The first things you need to know when starting new job are the ‘key people’ in the company. These people need to have a good impression of you. Simplest way of knowing the key people….yeah all those who have corner offices, if you are not amongst them, plus those who pay you and your immediate boss. However, in starting new job, do not make the mistake of focusing on these people alone. Another important thing to do when beginning a new job is to start new friendships. Do not forget the peers with whom you interact with frequently especially those with good reputation.

      2. What reputation do you want to build?

      When starting new job, you need to determine the kind of reputation you want to have in that company. This has to be laid down and noticed from day one, since it is during your first days of a new job that all the concerned eyes in that company are on you. Identify the qualities that are critical to the success of your job or position. Is it good communication, strategic thinking, positive attitude, detailed oriented or quick learner? Be known to be someone who upholds that critical quality. When starting new job, spot situations that build your reputation such as working overtime to deliver your targets and offering help before being asked to do this within the 90 days of starting new job

      3. Know the working style of your boss

      As much as it is important to build a good reputation especially with key people in a new job, your boss is the most important person in that company to you. This is because this is the person controlling your promotions, evaluations, pay and much more. One good way of starting new job is to learn his working style, what works, what does not and what is important to him. The quicker you learn this the better it is for you. You could initiate a meeting with him to discuss how he would like to work with you. This is a wise action in starting new job.

      4. Understand your role

      In starting new job, spend time to know all the context of your role what you need to do, key histories of decisions as well as any information or other departments that will affect your job. Do not be afraid to ask a lot of questions, it is the way people get a lot of leeway when starting new job. Afterall it is better than assuming and making mistakes.

      Starting new job is just the beginning of a long working relationship. That is why, do your best in making a food first impression.